Bulgaria – Andorra

After the defeat in the first game, Bulgaria came out in a winning mood in this match. In the first
minutes of the game, the Andorran national team had a difficult game in the attack and did not score a
goal in 5 minutes, but later the Andorrans corrected this component slightly and did not allow the
opponent to escape with a big score. However, at the end of the half, the Bulgarian national team
showed strength to the opponent and gained an 8-ball advantage with intense play in attack and
maximum concentration in defense. 16-8 in favor of the Balkans.
The overall picture of the game did not change in the second half either, the Bulgarian national team did
not miss the reins of the match and continued to increase the difference in the score. Finally, the match
ended 38-21 and the Bulgarian national team won a trip to the semifinals, where the host Georgian
national team is waiting.