This match was supposed to be the eighth game in a row of the tournament, however, due to a covid-19
coincidence in the Andorran team, the latter were removed from the tournament and therefore the
playing day instead of the match between Andorra and Azerbaijan, which in turn had to reveal the fifth
and sixth places in the tournament., start with a ½ final game where the Group A’s first-placed Cyprus
and the second-placed Moldovan national team of Group B faced each other.
The match started with the advantage of the Cypriot team and 10 minutes later the islanders were
already winning by 4 goals – 7-3. The situation was relatively improved after the Moldovans time-out and
5 minutes before the end of the first half, the difference in the score was already 2 balls, which was
followed by the Cypriots’ time-out. In the remaining time of the first half of the match, the overall pace
and content of the game did not change, the Cypriot national team increased the advantage by one ball
and went through the break with a 3-ball advantage.
The three-ball advantage of the Cypriots lasted 20 minutes of the second half. 10 minutes before the
end of the match, the Moldovan national team managed to gain some advantage and reduce the score
to a minimum. The rest of the game was extremely tense, there was a moment when there was a draw
on the board, however, the Cypriot national team still managed to gain a decisive advantage at the end
of the game and won the match by 2 goals – 30-28.
Despite the defeat, the best player of the match became the 5th number in Cyprus – Roman Zacaciurin,
with 13 goals scored.