Cyprus won their second match and became a sole leader of the group

The clear favorite of this match was the national team of Cyprus. The assumption was confirmed by the
convincing performance of the Cypriots on the first matchday. Andorra, on the other hand, had their
tournament debut.
The status of the favorite was confirmed by the national team of Cyprus at the start of the game, and
after 11 minutes, the opponent was allowed to score only 1 ball, while Cypriots themselves had scored 7
The 6-point difference fluctuated in the rest of the first half, and if in the middle of the half the
Andorrans managed to reduce it to 4 goals, at the end of the half again the Cypriot national team
demonstrated strength and finished with a 10-point lead, 10-20.
The overall picture of the game did not changed in the second half either, the Cypriot national team
continued to increase the difference in the score and recorded the final score 16-38.