After a two-day break, the Georgian national team faced the Bulgarian national team in the second
semifinal match of the day. The hosts were considered the favorites of this match. The Georgians lived
up to the expectations in the very first minutes of the match, started the game at a high pace and with
an intense game in the attack gained an advantage at the start of the game. 7 minutes later, the home
team were wining with a 5-ball advantage. The Georgians did not miss this advantage expressed in the
report, they did not slow down the pace of the game in the attack and finished the half with a big
advantage 22-11.
The second half unfolded in the same scenario as the first. The Georgian team did not lose focus and did
not allow the opponent to approach. The head coach of the hosts allowed all the players of the team to
appear, which is evidenced by the statistics on the board – out of 14 players in the list, 10 managed to
appear with a goal. Despite the above, Giga Toronjadze, the goalkeeper of the Georgian national team,
was named the best player of the match.
Finally, the match ended 32-19 and the Georgian team won a trip to the final, where the winner of the
first semifinal, the national team of Cyprus, was waiting for it.