Moldova – Georgia

Unlike the first game, this match started radically differently for Georgians. The Moldovan national team
made the match very tense and spectacular with their good play in defense and methodical action in
The whole first half was with a transitional advantage, if in a certain part of the half the advantage of the
Moldovan national team ranged from 1 to 3 balls, the same advantage was observed by the Georgian
national team in the second period of the half. Finally, at the break, the teams came out with a score of
10:11, in favor of Georgia.
Unlike the first half, the second half started with a different picture – the Georgian national team
managed to gain a certain playing advantage, which was reflected in the score and by the 19th minute
of the second half was already winning by 5 goals. The mentioned difference turned out to be a turning
point in the match, the Georgians did not miss the advantage and ended the match with a victory, the
score was 20-27.