The opening match of the tournament ended with the victory of Cyprus

The first match of the day did not have a clear favorite. This expectation was justified and the meeting
turned out to be very tense.
The match started hard and after 7 minutes only 2 goals were scored.
Throughout the first half, the teams followed each other point by point. However, at the end of the half,
the national team of Cyprus gained a small advantage and ended the half with a victory – 12:9.
During the second half, Cyprus managed to maintain the advantage gained in the first half. Moreover –
17 minutes before the end of the match, the advantage increased even more and the difference
between them and Bulgaria was 5 balls.
In the remaining time of the match, the Cypriot team managed to maintain the above-mentioned 5-ball
status quo. At the end of the game, it added 1 ball and ended the match with a score of 29:23.

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